8 January 2020No Comments

Humans of Hastings

HUMAN OF HASTINGS - @lewisbennettfilm has spent the last two days filming and interviewing me for my upcoming episode on Humans of Hastings! Was so strange putting my bike back together and riding round fully loaded, felt like I was off to China again haha.

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6 August 2019No Comments

Reunited with Mum!

Can’t express how much I missed my mum, it’s so sweet to see her again and spend some quality time together. When I first told mum about my cycling plans she understandably thought I was crazy, but I think she’s coming round to it now...

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14 June 2019No Comments

Awarded ‘Special Recognition’ and ‘Overall Achiever’ at the 1066 community awards.

WON SOME AWARDS DIDN’T I - Got invited to the 1066 community awards and ended up winning my category ‘Special Recognition’ and was shocked to be called up again for ‘Overall Achiever’. Got mum up on stage bless her, think I made her proud which is sweet. Was an honour to be surrounded by so many cool people helping the community in their own way. A beautiful evening spent with beautiful people. Got a mention in the local paper today too!

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21 February 2019No Comments

You are listening to radio Wiseman!

BBC Radio Sussex kindly invited me on their morning show. Was a little nervous about the whole live aspect but I think it well pretty well. Told them my catch phrase was 'GOOD MORNING CUNTS' but they wouldn't let me say it haha.

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2 February 2019No Comments


MADE IT TO ENGLAND – 3 flights, 15 hours of flying and 5 hours of sitting around and I'm back in the UK. It's mad that it took me 10 months to travel 10,000 miles on my bike, then I get on a flight, and 24 hours I'm back in Blighty.

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16 January 2019No Comments

From Hastings to Vietnam – near death on a bike – Interview with The Book of Man.

The Book of Man put up a sweet article on the trip! The Book of Man is a new media brand challenging the old school masculinity stereotypes. They talk about mental health, sport, and the role men have to play in today's society.

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25 October 2018No Comments


19 countries – 6273 miles/10,036kms pedalled – 204 days on the road. What a landmark for my trip. I’ve been dreaming of reaching China for so long and now I’m here and it’s mind boggling.

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20 October 2018No Comments

When I met Akim, I had just arrived in Murghab with $10 to my name and nowhere to sleep.

Getting hold of cash in Tajikistan can be difficult, all of the cash points have either run out or don’t deal with western banks. This meant I arrived in Murghab with $10 to my name and no where to sleep. I was sitting at the side of the road head in hands when Akim came up to me and asked what the problem was...

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24 June 2018No Comments

Beckoned over for some Turkish tea

Emil and I were beckoned over by a couple for some Turkish tea (which I love) – after a chat about the trip they gave us a high vis vest each, very kind.

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9 June 2018No Comments

Thank you to the amazing Five Dollar Shake + Counting Stars team for raising £1716!

Thank you to the amazing Five Dollar Shake + Counting Stars team for raising another £416 on top of the £1300 they’ve already raised for CALM! Insane amount of money.

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Solo cycle tourer exploring the beauty of our big blue planet in loving memory of my brother Tom and raising awareness of CALM and mental health.

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